Graphic Design Project 2: Book Cover Research

This post consists of research I conducted for a project in my graphic design class.

The assignment is to design a book cover with the title “Primordial Chicken Live.” The story is the student’s original plot.

My story is about two classical music students in their third year in University, one male and one female. The story will be told in the male student’s point of view, but will primarily be about the girl, because she will be the catalyst for a great change in his life.

Classical music (Related):

E7FC646B-9107-43B7-9378-E53FED1E6AF9_mw1024_n_s        music-notes

jingle-jangle-jingle     Avalon_sheet_music_cover_(Australia)

Art Nouveau:

images-1 14-16-54     images-2 02-25-54     images-4 02-25-54

Music Poster (Related):

I think this photo expresses music well, because it expresses it in flowing and dynamic forms.

803561219747958     imgres-3     images-2     bassoon-poster-385x500      np-print-piano     b4669b6645420dec484e4a015356e8d2     Final - development 03 - keys higher to be able to

I was really inspired by the black and white patterns of the keyboard and the lines on the music sheets. I find the straight lines and organized design very attractive.

Musical Typography (Related):

There is a lot of movement, a lot of intricate details, and is very delicate. There is a balance between straight bold lines and delicate curves.

tumblr_l7rt5a8at91qclfe5     calendar 2012     the-gift-of-love-b-w     images-3

Music Book Covers (Direct):

51VBJSTYQJL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_     51qkD3tKpLL

After the preliminary compositions, I decided to continue refining the cover that had an image of the main character’s face on it, since the class seemed to like it.

I researched more about the power of eye contact, and book/CD covers that utilized eye contact.

Articles about book covers (Related):

CD/Book Covers that use eyes/face (Related):

images-1     images-6     images-7     1q84     never_let_me_go.large     eyes     an_experiment_in_love.largeimgres-4     imgres-10   imgres-5

An interesting article on faces (Related):

Book Cover Archives: (Related) (Related)

Inspirational Research:

Posters, movement design, album cover

 imgres-9     Kazumasa-Nagai-Poster-Design-34583485     images-4     images-5

imgres-6     katsuiwakisaka


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