Personal Logo Design Project

At first I was not very excited about my logo because I thought it was too simple and not very interesting, but I ended up enjoying working on the different variations and shapes I could use around it to make some simple and more interesting designs.

The first row displays the design variations in it’s raw and simplified form with no border around it. The design itself is a simple line that forms and “n” and “p” for my first and last name initials. There is movement and flow in the design because of the soft curves and organic shape the line creates. It is not harsh, it looks soft and pleasant.

The second row displays the design within a circle border in colored variations. The third row displays the design within a solid circle shape, and the last row shows the design in different shapes and radial designs. My favorite variations are 2a and 3a because I like the circle around the design, I think it makes the design look more like a logo than a simple scribble. I know some instructors and designers do not like having designs confined within a shape, but I feel like it gives this design a more solid or sturdy form.

I think this logo is very versatile and can be used in print, and on websites and electronically. I think the logo itself can even be used to make a textile design, because it is so simple, if that were to happen then my initials would be seen everywhere. It can be used in different colors and different sizes.

Hopefully this logo will be able to become a symbol that I can use to represent myself as an art student.

personal logo


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