Graphic Design Project 4: Logo Design/Branding Research

**Disclaimer: Image content used in this post belong to their rightful owners.**

This post consists of research I gathered for a graphic design project.

For this project I was required to create a logo and brand for a fictional company that I created. My company’s name is Wave.The company I created is an open source for world music. The company utilizes a website, television, radio, and a weekly magazine to reach out to consumers. The company also hosts the Wave World Music Awards, an international music awards ceremony that takes place in a different country once every year, and the Wave World Concert for Peace, a yearly concert event that promotes world peace through the support and help of international musical artists and performers.

World/World Peace (Related):

There are many music entertainment companies. To distinguish my company from others I wanted to focus on my company’s efforts to promote world peace. I wanted my logo to display the message of “peace” and “world” through it’s logo.

photo2      world-peace-090420j

Music/Entertainment Company Logos (Direct Research):

MTV Logo and Logo Application:

MTV is a music entertainment company that could be one of my company’s competitor. I researched the MTV logo, the changes it went through, and some of the logo’s applications. I noticed the old logo had a short description: “Music Television” under the image.

MTV-Logo-MTV ema_2013_logo

Television Channel Logos:

abc_logo    Unknown-1 usa-network-logo

Typography Logos (Related):

In addition to logos, I looked up typography logos. Even though these logos do not utilize an image, the bold forms of the letters create strong and interesting marks.




Music (Related):

I researched imagery related to music.


Music Download Company Logos (Related):

c2a1442a-ed75-46fc-9c04-eb0d8518b83c        itunes_image2

Logo Design Process Reading:

During the Thumbnail process I found an interesting reading about logo design and its process:

Waves (Related):

Sound waves:

Some patterns and designs I thought I could use for an image icon.

images   are-sound-waves-the-future-of-mobile-marketing--68005190f2


imgres    olas,curl,illustrations,stock,surf-a64c19b6d8c1fc7ade00220328fc1469_h


Images from Music Events (Related):

billboardawardsibrawlator-600x450   mc-hammer-psy

2012 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet   MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 - Arrivals

Billboard Magazine Logo and Magazine Applications (Related):

Billboard is a good example of a company that provides music news, downloads, information, and charts to people. If my company was real, Billboard would most likely be it’s main and toughest competitor. Billboard’s design, look, and feel influenced me during the design process.


Billboard-Cover-11-3-2001    Pink for Billboard Magazine December 2013

Music Charts Video:

A video of Billboard’s Top 50 Music Chart. I watched this video to get an understanding of how the company keeps a consistent look and design among so many different applications and media.

Company Branding Reading:

Towards the end of the design process I started thinking of ways to apply the logo to different products while maintaining the company’s identity. Here is an interesting reading about branding I read for some tips:

iTunes Logo Applications:

iTunes is very popular among young people, I researched some of their logo applications and designs.




Beatles iTunes billboard advertisement at the Apple store in the Meatpacking District.

Playlist (Inspirational):

I listened to this radio station during the design process to get an understanding of the target audience’s tastes in music.


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