Graphic Design II: Project VIII Research

**Disclaimer: Image content used in this post belong to their rightful owners.**

For this project I have to choose an architect and create a poster, brochure, and admission ticket for an exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum that is dedicated to his/her works. I decided showcase the architect: Frank Lloyd Wright. His works are very beautiful, so much so that my Professor said I might have difficulty working around them in my designs. About a week has passed and I am having some difficulty designing the exhibition poster.

Perhaps posting some of my research and thoughts will help.

Frank Lloyd Wright – The Architect (Direct):

Falling Water
Robbie House

Prairie Style of Architecture, Organic Architecture. Influenced by his mentor, Loius Sullivan, shapes, and nature.

He also designed furniture and is famous for his stain glass designs are well.

Wright believed in form and function becoming one; architecture that becoming one with its surroundings. Perhaps this can translate into typography and form, or form and content, for graphic designers.

Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibition (Direct)

Wright     4c9b38ad5183e9f0f2eeae02667a292e     original_150371__Zl5QgU_cYlkx9ZuxqUIW8yAD     imgres



Cooper Hewitt Museum (Related):

I thought it might not be a bad idea to research the brand and identity of the Museum itself, perhaps all their brochures and exhibitions have a certain look to them, and if not, perhaps I can design it to.

Museum Website:

Museum Exterior
New Branding
Bold. Clean. Modern.

Poster Design (Related):

I really liked how these designs integrated type and image in one composition.

Article on Architecture Design (Related):

Deborah Sussman:

Websites on Brochure Design:

How to organize information in a Brochure:


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