Infographic Design Project Research

**Disclaimer: Image content used in this post belong to their rightful owners.**

This post consists of research that I conducted for a project in my graphic design history course, Design in Visual Culture. The objective of the assignment was to create an infographic on a stylistic art period in history. Some topic choices were: Art Nouveau, Postmodernism, Bauhaus, WWII Propaganda, Russian Constructivism, etc. I chose The style, New Typography.

New Typography Movement (Direct):

I did not have much prior knowledge about the movement before the project, so I started off by searching general terms and people related to the movement. From what I could see, New Typography seemed like a simple and clean style. Many of the images of pieces completed in the style were by Jan Tschichold.

10    jantschichold-filmposter    image4

Jan Tschichold (Direct):

The images below are designs be other people inspired by Jan Tschichold’s New Typography Designs. There are many Red geometric shapes, lines, angles, and diagonals.

5ae877b26c232e87292059dc51baec91    tschichold1_1_640   jan_tschichold_by_cakaaa-d47wpfr

Unknown     3567791949_12e4324f93

Reading on New Typography Principles (Direct): A text outlining the principles of New Typography design.

Infographic Design (Related):
Many of these inforgraphic designs are flat, and use limited colors.

Annual-Report-Timeline facebook-timeline-design16 peter_orntoft2_02212011 peter_orntoft1_02212011 WhereIsTheNextGenerationofInnovators_4f51539bcc3a2 Haiti transparency rel_ur_2009 quadradao2


Article on Infographics (Related): I thought this was an interesting reading on infographic designs

Typography Design (Related):
I really did not want to use Jan Tschichold’s red diagonal graphic in my infographic layout, so I researched some posters and designs that used typography in interesting ways, although very interesting, some of the type and information in the designs are not easy to read.

chess_typography_posters   40148_415   poster_1 typography_breakdown_infographic_by_dubgee-d64jcha

Web Page Design (Inspirational):
Infographics nowadays are very flat, and the information is organized into different categories, similar to website designs. I looked at websites to find some inspiration for interesting compositions, but many of these designs with geometric shapes were symmetrical, but New Typography favors Asymmetrical design.

20-Inspirational-Examples-of-Diagonal-Website-Design-1    minimalism_0034_jan_reichle     Witcode-diagonal-website-design13

Color Blocking (Inspirational):
The use of geometric shapes in New Typography designs reminded me a color blocking, a popular trend in fashion. I looked at some color blocking designs for inspiration for the composition.

 fashion-influence-color-blocking-trend     images

Poster Design (Related):
I also looked at poster designs for compositional arrangement inspiration.


Books on Graphic Design:
I borrowed to design books from the library that had some information on New Typography. The book, “Graphic Icons” did not have information on the movement, but did have information on Jan Tschichold.



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