Web Design Project 1: Re-design Homepage Design

Each group member was required to design two versions of the homepage based on the homepage wireframe we worked on together.

My first homepage design looks very similar to the current EasyBib website homepage. For my second version, I thought I would try using photography as the primary type of imagery.

Website_wireframe       Website_wireframe

Many of the students seemed to like my first design over my second. After the classroom critique, our professor suggested a group member and I combine our designs to create a new one. My design had an over all finish and mood the class seemed to like, but my group mate’s designs had a nice user flow and more hieararchy. Our professor also recommended that we find a specific illustration style to use for our vector images, because at the time, they looked too much like stock images and internet clip art, which is never really a good sign!

I took the responsibility of re-designing the new homepage. The result looked like this:


My group members liked the vector illustrations very much. It is still in it’s rough stage at this point. With further refinements, the homepage became something like this:


We decided to orient the homepage vertically to show the footer. I like how the homepage came out overall. One of my group members is very particular about alignment and details, and she respects my opinions, so I enjoyed working with her. Next step… To design our own pages!


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