Web Design Project 1: Re-design Moodboard


In my moodboard, I wanted to appeal to students, and communicate that learning and education is fun, enjoyable, and could be made easy. I included some color swatches I thought we could use in the re-design, I also included some images of clipart that might direct viewers towards the style of imagery that would be used on the re-designed website. I also included images of student who are enjoying learning, working in groups, or researching.

I think I received positive feedback about the overall mood of my moodboard, but I was told, and I realized that there was a divide between the two types of imagery, the photographs and the clipart images. I did realize it while I was designed the moodboard, but I felt that if I included too many photos, it would seem like EasyBib would be a photo-imagery based website, when actually, it is not. Our new moodboard combined some of the photos from my moodboard, with the color swatches, text choice, and design of another group members’.


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