Web Design Project 1 : Re-Design Project Brief & Sitemap

Project Brief:

The core website we will be re-designing is easybib.com, a popular automatic bibliography and citation generator site. The analogous website for the re-design will be bibme.org, which is another research tool site that is very similar to easybib, but more simplified and straightforward. The disruptor site will be YouTube, a social media website where users comment, share, and like videos and create personal playlists.

The target audience for the new website will be students. Our goal with this re-design is to create a website where users can easily search, save, create, share, and source credible sources and bibliographies for their research assignments and essays. No more long hours of researching obscure sites and sources for research, students can search and find materials used and recommended by other users and easily save, use, and share them on the re-designed easybib site.

Each source and bibliography will have it’s own page with a short description of the source, number of times it has been used, and comments from other easybib users. Other new page features include showing popular research topics specific to that month, i.e civil right movements and leaders during black history month, as well as noted trends in what other Easybib users are researching.

On the re-designed website, users will be able to search through shared-bibliographies created by other users who worked on similar topics as them, this feature is similar to how users can search both videos and playlists on a Youtube search. With this added feature, users will easily be able to discover new credible sources used already by multiple users. Users will feel like they have a head start on researching because a lot of the research will be done already.

We will be combining Bibme’s simple and straightforward bibliography building and keyword tagging features, and Youtube’s community features, such as liking, commenting, account pages, and sharing, in order to create a more organized, interactive, and fun online.

Re-design Sitemap:



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