Web Design Project 1: Re-Design Wireframes

For the re-design group project, I designed wireframes for two pages under the accounts tab on our newly designed Easybib website.

The first page, The user account homepage, is based off the design and functions of the account homepage on YouTube. users will be able to view their most recent activity, such as their likes, bookmarks, and cited sources in a list. There will be a drop down bar above the activity feed that will allow users to limit their feed to either likes, comments, bookmarks, or citations.


The second page I designed wireframes for is the user account “My Bibliographies” page. This page will show users all their past works and bibliographies. This feature was already available in the Easybib website, but we changed up the design and flow of it to match Bibme’s “My Bibliography” page. We also added sharing features, similar to Youtube. On this page, users will be able to re-open and edit their old bibliographies, give tags to their bibliographies and sources for easy organization and searching, choose whether to publicly share their bibliographies or keep them private, and copy&paste or download their bibliography into their computers.



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