Web Design Re-design Project: Two Individual Page Designs

The first page I designed was the user account homepage. The gray bar at the top would be a customizable banner where users can choose to upload their own banner photos, a feature that adds more personalization and fun to the overall EasyBib experience. Underneath the banner is a secondary navigation bar that will allow users to navigate around their account. The activity feed and view toggle bar is located directly below it, and on the right is a list of popular and favorite tags from the user. Visitors can click on the bolded source titles that is listed in the activity feed. This will take the user to that sources general information page.

The second page I designed is the user account “My Bibliographies” or saved bibliographies page. This page allows users and visitors to see the account user’s past bibliographies. Users have the option of editing, deleting, and download citations for the bibliography, or clicking on the bolded source titles to be directed to the source’s general information page. There is a view citation in orange that allows users to toggle between viewing options. Some users may prefer to the see the actual citations of the sources, or some users may want to see the actual sources. Users have the option of adding tags to their used sources or bibliographies for easy organization and searching. On the right of this page is the list of past bibliographies made by the user.

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Next Step: Work with the group to create 7 web page designs that flow as one and have a consistent look and feel!


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