Web Design Project 2: Get Local Responsive Web Design

Project Brief

For the Local Business Website Design Project, I want to design a website for a Japanese restaurant called, Batten Ramen. It is a small business, owned by a Japanese man, located in Fort Lee, NJ. It is about 10 minutes away from my house by car. It serves a variety of Japanese cuisine and dishes such as Japanese style curries, teriyaki chicken, squid, friend rice, and it’s very popular ramen noodles.

Inside, the store provides customers with ample tables to sit on, including counter seats like in traditional Japanese Ramen Stores. It is also decorated indoors with Japanese posters, stickers, and decorations that give the interior an authentic Japanese atomosphere and environment. The restaurant also provides customers with a large bookshelf packed with a vast collection of Japanese books, comics, and magazines to read and browse through while eating, or waiting for a take out order. I think the restaurant is special because it provies a fun, interactive, and overall great experience for people who want to eat Japanese food.

With the web page and app design, I am intersted in adding an online menu and order and pick up feature. They currently have an order and pick up service, but only by telephone. The restaurant also has a special set that changes every day of the week, and I thought that highlighting it on the website would also be helpful, because no one ever knows about the specials unless they are a regular customer.


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