Type I Project 2: A Game of Black & White

For this assignment I had to choose a typeface from a list of select typefaces and choose two upper case and two lower case letters from the alphabet. With the four letters of choice, I had to crop and scale the letters and create twelve black and white designs that displayed the uniqueness of the letters to the typeface of choice.

After studying the typefaces on the list, I decided to choose Bell MT Std in bold. I chose the typeface because I thought it looked very beautiful! I thought the curve of the bowls were very pretty. I also thought the typeface looked very elegant, so I was surprised to hear my professor say later on that the “R” – which was one of my upper-case letters of choice – reminded him of a short muscular Italian man…

I chose the letters: A, R, d, and g

park-nicole-type1-project2 park-nicole-type1-project22

I thought A was a nice geometric shape that “A” could be a nice contrast the to more curvaceous “R”. I thought the bowl and counter of the “d” was very pretty, I also liked the curves of the “g”. In the cropping and composing phase, I tried to emphasize the contrast and curves of the letterforms.

Thumbnail sketches:

IMG_9346 copy

For the final design, which was laying all the black and white design out on a template, I tried to create a rhythm, it was difficult laying all the designs out.

Final Design Refinements (Template provided by the Professor):



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