Type I: Project 5 – Grid and You, Syntax and Semantics II

For this assignment I had to take four pieces of information:

  1. My university e-mail address
  2. My street name
  3. My height
  4. My favorite savory dish

and create a design using typographic morphologies and a grid provided by the professor. I was not sure how to approach this assignment, but during the sketching phases I tried to concentrate on scale, weight, arrangement, grouping, hierarchy and usage of the grid. Many of my past design professors emphasized the importance of using a grid, but I never actually used a grid on my projects, I usually used the document grid. So, I was a little nervous about this project.

Preliminary Sketches:

DC Heroes015      DC Heroes016

First Digital Iterations:

park-project5-version1     project5-park-ver3-2

project5-park-ver2     project5-park-ver4

I did not have a concept for my designs. I was mostly experimenting with different weights, hierarchy, and arrangements. I could not help but feel like my designs all looked the same, and it was difficult finding ways to make the information look like it was not floating in space. I feel like one of my past professors had a big influence on my approach to type. He always wanted type to be legible and clean. I really wanted to try breaking away from that notion of type and try experimenting, but I had difficulty being brave!

Second Round of Iterations and Refinements:

project5-park-ver2     project5-park-ver5

project5-park-ver2.2     project5-park-ver6

During this stage of the process I stopped making new digital files and tried to work with all the designs that I had, I tried to reduce extra noise in my designs, fix conflicts in hierarchy, and make tiny refinements in size, placement, and kerning.

Final Designs:

project5-park-ver6     project5-park-ver2.2     project5-park-ver7

I feel like my final designs told a story of how one can use a grid. The first design looks very formal and sophisticated and uses the grid in a very simple and straightforward way. The second design is a little more experimental with type weight, scale, placement and usage of the grid. The third design, which was designed towards the end of the project time period, I feel, is more experimental when it comes to using the grid(?) There is some overlapping, tilting, reflection between my house number (120) and my favorite food (spicy tofu soup). The designs almost tell a story of how people can become more experimental or confident in their abilities over time. I am still not so confident about my typography skills… But maybe I am slowly getting there…

This project was very difficult. Most of the time, I found I was doubting myself. Hopefully more experience with typographic projects will help me become more confident about type. 🙂


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