Typography II: Project III Motion Type Specimen

In the motion type specimen I wanted to show how the typeface was a digitized low-resolution typeface, but also at the same time calligraphic.

I had a few ideas for a motion video, one idea was to show the letters in the typeface by having each letter written out as if it were being handwritten. Another idea was to show some of the pixels or cubes flying through the video as if they were leaves; the idea connected to the typeface’s name ‘foli’ which is the latin route of the word foliage. I named the typeface after some of the organic shapes and forms in the letterforms that resembled leaves.

Another idea I had was to show the typeface being used in a poem or text to show that the typeface was practical and useful texts, readings, and excerpts. The idea was a little ambitious because the video had to be 8 seconds, and  was still a beginner in after effects.

I wanted to show the typeface in context; how it can be used as a typeface for reading text. After moving the sketches into After effects I realized that 8 seconds is not that long and admittedly settled with a simplified version of the idea for my final submission.

For ADV GD II I wanted to push the video further with a new idea I had. I made the video 18 seconds and changed it so that it was a little more exciting. I wanted to communicate that the typeface was both calligraphic but also digital (pixelated), so I showed the typeface name ‘foli’ being written out as if it were calligraphy. After the word is written, the letter forms and shapes turn into pixels and blow off the screen. I thought that this short video showed how the typeface is both organic/digital, calligraphic/geometric; a delicate balance between two contrasting ideas or concepts.

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