Project 1: Process Poetry Final


Type I Final Project: Process Poster

For our typography I final project, I had to design an 18x24in poster that showcased all the designs and process work that I created for the course throughout the semester.

I really wanted to showcase the process behind the final designs of my projects because I had so many sketches, and I feel the process work behind my projects are really what seem to impress my professors and peers.. My final pieces are never really that impressive.

I began by thinking of concepts that could communicate a “journey” or a progression. Early on in the design process I kept thinking of compositions I might be able to use gradient, because a gradient that goes from dark to light might be able to show a progression from “being in the dark” or not knowing what the heck I want to do with a project” and slowing progress “into the light” or a good idea that is clear and has meaning! I liked the concept, but had a difficult time breaking away from “boxy” looking layouts.

Thumbnail Sketches:

Because I was having difficulty sketching the actual type designs and process sketches in thumbnails I moved onto the computer fairly quickly and started designing some of the sketches.

First Digital Iterations:

At this point I did not have my three paragraphs written, and was not sure what I was doing, but one thing I realized was that putting my final designs in shapes like diamonds (above right) could really take away from the pieces, this led me to taking a very straightforward and organized approach to the project.

Second Iteration:

The composition I ended up choosing was very straightforward and showcased all my process work in the background and my more recent works in the foreground. I liked how the design looked like it was 3D or almost like it was floating. At this point I needed to choose an indexical image… I don’t really know if there is an item that describes me. At first I put int a sketchbook, but my friend (Haeun) said it looked weird and suggested I put in another item. While I was researching design posters for this project, I found a really nice series of posters that showcased hands, so I thought.. maybe I can put in a pen! It is similar to a sketchbook, it’s a tool one can use to draw, design, and create!




The bottom image is the final design that I printed and presented during the final presentation for my class. The final that I printed for the class critique was actually larger than the specified size of 18x24in, and used more than three colors (because I messed up) :-(!


Therefore I re-touched my design: re-sized the composition to 18×24 and used Pantone colors, to make sure it was good. I also changed the composition a little because the picture plan decreased, but below is the final final poster design.



I really enjoyed this class, and am quite happy with how my poster (if it can even be considered one because of its lack of impact…). I feel like I learned a lot about type, and have gained some more confidence in my choices related to type in design. I hope I can continue to improve!! 🙂