Blue Mountains

Printmaking Beginning I, Fall 2014
Instructor: Carol Wax
Reduction Woodcut, 4 States (Edition of 3)


Artist Statement:

The image in my reduction woodcut Blue Mountains is inspired by the transformation of colors and tones found in old Japanese woodblock prints.

In order to address the transformation of colors and tones in mountains, I composed an image of a mountain range on a foggy day. By creating the image on a foggy day, I could show transformations on many levels, such as in the tones, colors, lines, and shapes of the image. In order to set the image on a foggy day, I used cool colors such as cyan, blue and purple. I used the effect of atmospheric perspective to create depth in the image by using the lighter colors, cyan and transparent blue in the background, and darker colors such as blue and purple for the mountains in the foreground. In order to capture a gradation and transition of colors and tones in the mountains I finely carved away between each state in small and thin strokes.

While creating this image I began to realize that the mountains show a transformation in the shape of the landscape over many years. The world is constantly changing and transforming, similar to a reduction woodcut. Colors and tones change depending on the time of day, and shapes and forms are created as new trees and mountains are formed. I have finished my reduction woodcut print, but the transformations in nature will continue. This makes me wonder if nature’s transformations will ever have an end as well.


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