Process Poetry

Interactive Multimedia Design, Fall 2015
Instructor: Prof. Jun Li
Software: Processing

For this project we had to write a code that would randomize a poem from a string of words related to the graphic design program at my university. The below images are screenshots taken from the interactive software. The small stars are randomly generated by the program using the draw loop. A random poem is generated whenever the mouse is clicked, the line patterns are constantly being drawn and designed by where the mouse lies on the screen–another interactive feature of the software. The type is coded so that the first word and “GRAPHIC DESIGN” is always bolded. The last line, which features some of the graphic design professors’ names is in Helvetica Neue Medium. Coding is fun!

poems-np-1 poems-np-2 poems-np-3



poems-np-4 poems-np-5 poems-np-6

poems-np-7 poems-np-8 poems-np-9