The Finest Tools

Printmaking Beginning I, Fall 2014
Instructor: Carol Wax
Color Separation Woodcut (Edition of 3)




Artist Statement:

The image on my color separation woodcut titled, The Finest Tools, was inspired by my hands, which to me, are important tools that I often overlook. When I am asked what is important to me, things that usually come to mind are my computer, sketchbook, pencils, woodcut tools etc. but in actuality, what makes it possible for me to use those important objects are my very own two hands, making them a very important tool for me as a visual communicator.

To address the issue that my hands are important tools for creating images, I composed an image containing a pair of rough hands positioned palms up, surrounded by a shining aura of yellow, magenta, orange, and white light. I carved the image using broad and thick strokes, in order to show that the hands are calloused and worn from work. The hands are centered and faced palms up, exposed, proud, and holidng nothing, because they are the main tools. I used the colors magenta, orange, and yellow because the strong contrast between the magenta and yellow could add impact and drama to the image. In the image, areas of magenta are used to represent shadows, and the yellow and white represent a bright golden light shining onto the hands, glorifying them as the finest tools.

It is important for me to be involved in the creating process of my own works; because I feel my participation in them makes the works my own. When I put all my effort and hard work into a piece, it becomes a part of me, and it is given a soul. I am able to put all my effort into my work because I am using my very own hands. As an artist, my hands are my finest tools.



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