Project 1: Process Poetry Final


Type I: Project 6 – Grid and Exerpt, Syntax/Semantics III

For this project I had to take three paragraphs of text provided by my Professor and design two designs–using a grid–that organized the content in a thoughtful and readable way.

Thumbnail & Sketches:
Have done some work with type and hierarchy before, I thought that this project would not be too difficult, but finding new and interesting ways to communicate the text and the texts’ meaning proved to be quite challenging. I wanted to try to design a composition that was more exciting and dynamic than my previous type works. Below are some of the sketches I produced during the beginning stages of the project.

The Excerpt:project6-template

First Digital Iterations:
In the first design, there honestly was no valid reason behind the breaking-up of the word “charmed” other than the fact that I wanted to try to experiment with different ways to break up letters and create hierarchy in the composition. In the end, I guess I made it more difficult for readers to read the text, which is something that no typographer should do! In the second design, I wanted to animate the word “reverberated” found in the text to communicate how it must have felt for the characters in the except to have Fat JoJo’s badly sung songs reverberate through their homes.

project6-ver3Final Designs:
The passage, “Good Morning Teaspoon” stood out to me in particular because it sounded very quirky and weird, but beautiful. While organizing the quotes on the page I realized I could align the “O’s” in each word to create a nice block of type. The design ended up looking very editorial and sage. I wanted to break away from my tendency to find “safe” type compositions by refining my “reverberated” composition from the first iteration.

I like how my final designs came out, but I can still sense that I lack the confidence and skills to experiment and be daring with type… I really hope I can continue to work on my typography skills and create some interesting compositions in the future 🙂